Abalimi Phambili – Farmer Support Programme

Community Work Programme

Engineering – Agriculture infrastructure

Food Security Projects

Award Winning Elliotdale Housing Project

Kamoso Award – Best CWP Project in Msinga

Small Scale Cane Growers


Lazarus Moagi- APP farmer in Limpopo


Lima Rural Development Foundation promotes dignified, sustainable and transformative community growth across South Africa. As an organisation, we support the simultaneous development of people and livelihoods in resource-scarce contexts, particularly in rural areas. Through well-integrated, field-based interventions, Lima leverages local economic development activities and the establishment of appropriate institutions to help alleviate poverty and build human capacity.

Lima believes that an inclusive development process is critical for impactful and sustainable social transformation in rural communities. Emphasis is placed on incorporating marginalized people not only into development interventions, but also into the mainstream economy. We foster a collaborative platform for building strategic, multi-sectoral stakeholder partnerships with disadvantaged communities, and in so doing; we aim to advance the long-term empowerment of rural people.

Lima also participates in evidence-based research and advocacy in order to influence the current dialogue and public policy agendas relevant to rural development.

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