Lima’s engineering division provides comprehensive infrastructural development services for a range of initiatives aimed at improving livelihoods and standards of living in urban and rural communities. Lima facilitates engineering planning, costing, design and implementation services for a variety of applications, and our engineering division works in close conjunction with Lima’s other internal divisions, providing a highly integrated rural development service wherever appropriate.

Our engineering team is led by an experienced senior project manager, with a complement of three agricultural engineers, two civil technicians and nine foremen. Lima’s engineering division engages in infrastructural development for the following range of applications:

Agriculture irrigation, fencing, poultry houses, hatcheries, animal handling facilities
Housing upgrading informal settlements, rural housing, People’s Housing Process
Water and Sanitation
rainwater harvesting, greywater treatment, upgrading sanitation, community water supply
conservation works (including agricultural reclamation), sustainable urban drainage, urban greening, renewable energy
Enterprise welding works, bakeries, manufacturing structures, block-making facilities, sewing and craft co-operatives
Education ECD centres (including appropriate sanitation), play equipment, classroom construction

By relying upon community-based labour and exclusive use of local contractors, Lima’s engineering activities also incorporate job creation support wherever possible. Lima’s infrastructural projects leverage labour-intensive implementation in order to improve skills and increase employment opportunities in the communities that we support.     

During 2015 alone, over 3 000 people benefitted from the range of Lima’s engineering and infrastructural activities, and 500 emerging contractor teams have been engaged through Lima’s infrastructural interventions during the last financial year. Some 500 co-operative members received enterprise-related infrastructure and equipment, and 150 pre-school learners enjoyed upgrades to their school facilities. In agriculture, 75 small-scale farmers received irrigation and fencing. Through the Community Works Programme, more than 2 000 participants benefitted through technical support to the programme’s job creation activities. In housing, Lima has recently started construction on the first 300 houses out of and total of 2 000 to be built in rural Eastern Cape villages. Given the wide-reaching nature of infrastructural improvements, Lima is quite proud of our engineering division’s impact in communities.

Geographic Area
KwaZulu-Natal, Eastern Cape, Mpumalanga, Limpopo, North West, Gauteng, Free State, Western Cape and Northern Cape