Looking Ahead

The Next 25 Years

For more than a quarter of a century, Lima has continuously sought to develop new networks for partnership and identify new opportunities for expansion. Empowering rural people through practical, participatory and effective project implementation is central to Lima’s development mandate, and we remain committed to evolving with communities’ changing needs through innovative, responsive programme design.


In the coming years, Lima anticipates that the following areas will experience energetic growth within the scope of our rural development activities:
•    Business modeling for commercial-communal partnerships
•    Social enterprise development through public-private partnerships
•    Creation of strategic rural agri-hubs
•    Enhancing equitable labour absorption in the agricultural sector
•    Renewable energy applications in rural areas
•    Water conservation in small-scale agricultural practice
•    Solid waste recycling and separation at source
•    Sustainable eco-tourism
•    Improving education outcomes through teacher training interventions